1. 21/06/2018
    The exhibition, drawn up from the LIFE Potamo Fauna project "Conservation of river fauna of Community interest in the Natura 2000 network sites of the Ter, Fluvià and Muga river basins” -ending at the end of 2017-, it has been offered free of charge ...
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  2. 31/12/2017
    El projecte europeu de conservació de la fauna fluvial tanca 4 anys amb 440 exemplars agafats, 334 al riu i 106 a l'àrea de Banyoles - El nombre de captures creix a les llacunes de Can Morgat
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  3. 29/12/2017
    El projecte Life Potamo Fauna per a la conservació de fauna fluvial d'interès europeu a la xarxa Natura 2000 ha permès incrementar fins a 38 el nombre d’exemplars de tortugues exòtiques capturats durant aquest any 2017 a l’Estany de Banyoles i el seu...
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  4. 19/12/2017
    - In 2017, fewer captures were obtained with a slightly lower effort than in 2016 in the Ter River, but there has been more in the Banyoles lake, especially young specimens. - A large number of European Pond Turtles (65) released in the same project in previous years have been caught, and also 4 Spanish Pond Turtles, many less than other years.
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  5. 11/12/2017
    The event took place in Milano on November 29 and 30
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  6. 05/12/2017
    The exhibition about the LIFE Potamo Fauna project in the second half of this year has been at 12 different locations of the river basins of the Ter, Fluvià and Muga rivers. It has been exhibited in educational centers (primary schools and high schoo...
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  7. 24/11/2017
    This action, made by the LIFE Project Potamo Fauna, have allowed to create 27 new locations and reinforce 15 other ones
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  8. 22/11/2017
    • One more year the Consorci de l'Estany takes advantage of the fair to carry out an exhibition to raise awareness of the importance of native fauna of the Estany de Banyoles and in the rivers Ter, Fluvià and Muga. • 30,000 people visit the fair according to the organizers, thanks to the good weather of the weekend, also noting that on Friday there were more than 900 students. • Sensitive species are exposed from the LIFE Potamo Fauna project, such as naiads and native fishes, as well as a specific area dedicated to the white stork, a species that is increasingly common in the region.
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  9. 21/11/2017
    Research article in the journal Acta Zoologica Bulgarica by Ramon Mascort i Joan Budó. It can be read in the attached document in pdf.
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  10. 21/11/2017
    Within the framework of the LIFE Potamo Fauna project, the Consorci del Ter, organized the "5th National Congress on Invasive Alien Species" from the 16th to the 21st of October and the "Symposium on the study and conservation of river mollusks and wetlands "
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